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Order a SIGNED COPY of my book NOW: Kristin Clouse, a sexual abuse survivor, shares her story, and her professional experience as a licensed mental health counselor, to walk with women through the healing and restoration process. Includes study questions, moments of reflection, and creative activities. For use by individuals, counselors, or in a small group setting. Size – 8.5 x 11 Workbook size gives plenty of space within the book to complete study questions and activities.

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"Over the three years that I’ve known Kristin as a counselor, I have learned to examine my thought life in new ways. I feel enabled to say, “This thought is not from my Heavenly Father,” or to ask myself, “What experience in my past is possibly shadowing the way I’m dealing with this situation?” or “Seriously, Britt, give yourself some grace.” This has set me on a track to becoming healthier even in the stretches of time when I don’t have frequent appointments with Kristin! - Brittany 
"Kristin is more than a counselor, writer or speaker. She is a friend to the friendless, a mentor. She helps you with strategies, she empowers and encourages you to trust in God and others. She helps you explore and identify what is hidden inside you to become restored and brave. She is 
non judgmental. She allows you to work at your pace but will challenge you to better yourself. - Julie
"Kristin is very personable and professional. She asks great questions in order to help each client analyze their situations. I'm so thankful I went to her for counseling. I'm a healthier person because of it! - Kirsten "
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